We help
people make
OK products

Designed to be easy

collaboration in
supply chains

Easy documentation and product handling

Forget spreadsheets. OK makes sourcing and finding clients easy - product and certificate management included.

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Quick quality control with automated reports

The OK ID ™ tag on every OK product and organisation makes inspections and audits a breeze; automating all reports.

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Efficient training of coworkers and partners

Goodbye slideshows. Everyone in the OK network can create, share, or join free courses to share knowledge with partners.

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Designed to be worthwhile

Compliance work converted
into brand value

The OK ID TM tag lets coworkers in a supply chain add to the record of a product or organisation. Consumers can scan a product’s tag to see it's visual supply chain and documentation, as well as quality and sustainability logs.

The tag is also unique on every produced unit, making it an excellent serial and batch number.

Designed to be trustworthy

Transparent and data-
driven decision making

0 - 7 grade

on everything based on performance data

All products and brands are scored by automation; enabling reliable, transparent sourcing.

25% turnover lost

to costs associated with poor quality for most. 1

OK tracks every savings and improvements, and helps brands grow their profit.

38-fold rule growth

in global environmental regulations since 1973. 2

It's hard to keep up. Or at least it used to be. OK helps brands become and stay sustainable.

Designed to be reasonable

Plans and pricing

OEM manufacturers generate OK ID TM tags. OK Grade is then free for all private labels and other organisations who scan the tags as part of the supply chain.

You can assign as many coworkers as you wish to an organisation, and individual coworker accounts are free.

Feature comparison


For private labels and value-added service providers


  • Use shared OK ID TM tags
  • Manage unlimited coworkers
  • Manage inspections and audits
Save over 50%, limited to 500 suppliers

SupplierI'm smart

For OEM, ODM, and OBM


USD (excl. VAT), reg. 995

per month, billed annually

  • Make OK ID TM tags & products
  • Manage unlimited coworkers
  • Manage inspections and audits

No automated billing post-trial.


Individual account for all coworkers in a supply chain


  • Create and join organisations
  • Create and join courses
  • Perform inspections and audits

Join leading brands in making OK products