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Designed to be feature rich

collaboration in
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Easy documentation and product handling

Forget document requests. Enjoy smooth sourcing, customer care, and after market experiences with the OK archive.

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Quick inspections with automated reports

Goodbye quality issues. OK tags allow for collaborative inspections by anyone, anywhere, in any supply chain.

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Efficient transition to a circular economy

Hello future. OK generates visual supply chain and sustainability reports, enabling organisations to invest in improvements.

Designed to be beneficial

A unifying tool
to close the loop

Scanning OK tags lets supply chain coworkers and service providers add to product or organisation records. Customers scan the same tags for published documentation, inspections, and sustainability data.

Tags can be unique by batch or individually, making them excellent batch, serial, and tracking numbers.

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Designed to be trustworthy

3 simple metrics
for data-driven
decision making

Organisations can keep work internal, or publish it for public grades, nurturing brand value.

Customers in OK supply chains can assess products and organisations for a reliable buying experience. 1


Certifications, manuals, incorporation records and such raise documentation grades.


Sharing more inspections, and doing them diligently, elevates transparency grades.


Investments in environmental and social programmes advance sustainability grades.

More on grades

Designed to be reasonable

Plans and

Organisations with a paid plan can maintain products, inspections, and generate tags. Others can scan tags to perform work assigned to them.

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Good choices pay off

Profit can be raised up to 25% through compliance, service, and quality management upgrades. a

With a 38-fold increase in environmental regulations since 1973 b, this potential is growing.

Current turnover (annually)

1,000,000 USD

Current profit margin

10 %

Licenses needed

How many organisations should be able to manage their own products?

1 license

Potential earnings


USD (est.)

per annum

This approximation is based on limited data, without certainty. Contact us for a free consultation on your case.

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